Networking – Advertising and Media Center

Hassan Arafa, the last vacant piece of land in Tel-Aviv, is a keystone to establishing Tel-Aviv as a global city. The proximity of the site to major traffic routes such as Hamasger, Menachem Begin, and Yitzhak Sadeh, as well as the its geographic location downtown, grant it many advantages.

The project aims to connect with the new residence sequence rising along the Ayalon and comprises residential and business uses. By employing orthogonal, diagonal and radial design networks, the site connects and interlinks the various surrounding textures.

The site, bordering on Beit Ma’ariv, wishes to enjoin the old and new media through the establishment of a commercial center designated to advertising and communications, while redesigning Ma’ariv Junction, a major meeting point for the light railway, as a city square.

Various constructions are planned as part of the project, such as residential buildings, commercial business towers, an academy for advertising, a conference center and a park, which shall serve as a green lung in the city center.

The commercial business tower located near the redesigned square, constituting a gateway to the train station, employs within it the motive of networking and connectivity, by utilizing planning principles designated to answer the need for business interaction between the different companies.

The open floor space allows for the creation of one large zone devoid of a clear separation, thus producing one shared workspace. The atrium, rising to all 29 floors of the building, creates a vertical connection exposing itself to the square and park, while utilizing different levels of transparency and opacity.

In this manner, the complex aspires to import the theme of the global village to the heart of the global city.